Friday, February 5, 2010


You would think, given the fact that we here at AOoN are currently being battered by a storm that is supposed to rival the great Knickerbocker Storm of 1922, I'd have plenty of time to write. It turns out that epic snowfall just outside my window has a way of elevating my ADHD to unprecedented levels. Instead, I've decided to let others do the work for me. For those of you more inclined to sweating than myself, here's a great winter weather workout mix from our good friends at NPR.


  1. This is Casey reporting from Southern Maryland, Huntingtown are by the Chesapeake Bay, I have just used my tape measure and I measure 30.75"
    Just so you realize, that is FUCKING INSAne!!!!!!!!

  2. We saw a whole tree fall and smash two cars!