Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jock Rock

We never miss an opportunity to make fun of someone's inflated ego, and in the wake of this year's Super Bowl, we thought we'd take a moment to poke fun at athletes who didn't think they were famous enough already. Here, a list of some of the best sports bloopers we've ever seen and a gentle reminder to other athletes with musical ambitions: Don't quit your day job.

Shaquille O'Neal - Diesel
Between his two careers Shaq has broken an equal amount of backboards and ear drums.
Sample lyric: "I can flow like pee coming out you know what/Or some poopy diarrhea coming out your butt."

Deion Sanders - Prime Time
Someone from the record company should have intercepted this before it hit the shelves.
Sample Lyric: "Every since I was young I was the best in sports/From the baseball diamond to the hoop courts."

Oscar De La Hoya - Self Titled
I'd rather have De La Hoya punch me in the face as hard as he can than make me listen to his music for more than a second.
Sample lyric: "If ever you got rain in your heart/Someone has hurt you and torn you apart/Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me"

Terry Bradshaw - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
The Pittsburgh Steeler's quarterback/loose cannon might have carried his football team at times, but he couldn't carry a tune
Sample lyric: (these are covers so at least he couldn't screw that up)

Jack McDowell (Stick Figure) - Memento Mori
American league pitchers don't normally get to hit the ball. If McDowell's music is any indication that's a good thing because it's certain he'd strike out.
Sample lyric - "She's ready now/But you never have to mention/She's steady now/No signs of her dementia/I'm still waiting for her to say/I feel Magenta"

-Travis Hare


  1. Anonymous7/2/10 17:19

    speaking of sports, did anyone else notice how much Arcade Fire was played during the Superbowl?

  2. My brother and I commented on that too!

  3. What about Shaq's heartfelt lyrical devotion to his stepfather, Phil, entitled "Biological Didn't Bother"?