Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scott Thought #3

Our good friend Scott has one more point to make about why you oughta be spending your money on live music instead of poor quality mp3's.

I saw my favorite band, The National, at the 9:30 Club last May, and I will remember it forever. Matt Berninger, their lead singer picked up a bottle of Malbec at the end of “About Today” live, where there is a long and brilliant instrumental, and he was able to take a break. After rocking out for a bit, he found himself parched, and, looking up, smiling, he shot the cork into the audience. Hundreds of hands shot up and I came up with it. I framed the cork and have it to this day! It’s these personal intimate moments with your band that are light-years ahead of crappy iTunes quality listening. This is why we save money to pony up for a splurge when we can listen to the same song in the comfort of our own home. Music is not sports where people would rather watch the game on their Hi-Def television. I hope, I sincerely hope, that with the coming decade and digital age, where it is easier than ever to hear your song wherever whenever, that we will keep the concert going strong because each and every person comes home with a story. And besides, even if you disagree with the rest of what I said and think it’s crap, face it…concerts are f***in awesome!

-Scott Goldstein


  1. Interesting point, Scott. I have to say I have always been more of blast-the-music-from-the-car, turn-up-the-headphones-on-the-metro, kinda music fan. For a long time I was not really into dealing with the crowds at a concert when I could just listen to them in seemingly better quality from the comfort of my own schedule. As of recent I have been going to more shows and truly enjoying them . I was at The National show in May as well and caught a piece of the rose Matt threw out to the crowd. After reading your blog and thinking about it, I would have to agree with you that concerts are pretty amazing and crucial to keep the music business alive (most musicians make their money from the ticket sales not the cd sales). I do however have to say that nothing quite beats to singing your heart out while driving in the car. Keep up the posts little "William". You are doing great!

  2. thanks kendra! you know your car story reminds me of the epic scene from Waynes World where they all rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody. I guess both can be great! i'm little will now? sounds great