Monday, February 8, 2010

Once the 30 inches from our recent Snowpocalypse here in Washington, DC melts, many of you may be looking for something to do that gets you out of the house but allows you to keep warm. Look no further than this Sunday's Our City Film Festival. The event, a perfect Valentines Day date I might add, will take place at the Goethe Institute in China Town and feature documentaries made about our fair city (you know, the one under all that snow). The films being shown cover everything from DC's booming farmer's market movement, a late night at a Jumbo Slice (DC's venerable drunk food of choice), the homeless chess players in Dupont Circle, and our personal favorite, Straight Up Go-Go, a documentary on DC's go-go music scene featuring musical legend Chuck Brown (note: one of the g0-g0 musicians featured in the film will be on hand).

Need another reason? All proceeds from the event will go to Yachad - a Jewish non-profit for affordable housing whose main mission is to rejuvenate lower-income neighborhoods by helping those who already live there stay there and stop the displacing effects of gentrification. So there you have it, cinematic enlightenment, social justice and getting the hell out of the house for a while all wrapped up into one perfect Valentines Day.

For tickets and information click here.

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