Thursday, March 4, 2010

Washington DC: The City of Love

For the amount of shit people like to talk about the politicians in Washington, DC, the citizenry that actually live here are pretty damn cool and make up what probably amounts to the most progressive city on the East Coast (yeah, that's' right New York). Aside from the fact that a Republican doesn't stand a chance of getting elected dog catcher of this city and that we just passed a law legalizing medical marijuana, the biggest news is that gay marriage is coming to the capital! A stirring scene took place at the court house yesterday as hundreds of couples showed up to file for their marriage licenses and as of next Tuesday, DC residents can marry their same-sex spouse. So go ahead, keep calling us the Hollywood for ugly people, we're much too busy fighting for human rights (even for ugly people) and being awesome, to listen.

And here, one of my favorite songs about popping the question.


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  2. This, the same week that Virginia's new Attorney General actually felt that the most important issue facing the region is that gay's have too MANY rights... huh?

    Virginia is like the Missouri of the East coast... Go DC!

  3. Don't forget that according to McCain and other republicunts there are two Virginia's - the fake one that is pretty much part of DC and 'the real one' that don't like no gay shit.