Friday, January 29, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Although I now live in a pinko-commie commune within organic-broccoli-throwing distance from a Whole Foods out on the East Coast, a tiny little piece of my liberal bleeding heart still remains in the state of my birth. Oh Kansas, despite your evolution-questioning, abortion-doctor-martyring, red-meat lovin' ways, there's still something about you that remains deep in my soul (and arteries). You were a rare bastion of freedom in the Midwest during the Civil War - fighting off evil Missouri slave owners, and harboring the likes of bat-shit crazy (and awesome) John Brown. During the 1930's you were a hotbed for a socialistic government takeover that nearly caught on due to capitalism's failures during the Great Depression and in the 1960's your residents struck a victory for civil rights in Brown v. The Topeka Board of Education. So one has to wonder - what the fuck happened to you?

Like an ex hippie who now owns shares of Halliburton, you've lost your way but you do have a glorious past to look back on and hopefully, one day, live up to. You also have a really kick ass basketball team! In honor of the day you took your place in the union - January 29th, your birthday, and one epic college showdown this weekend, we here at AOoN thought it only right to post a link to our previously written list of the top ten bands from the Jayhawk State. Keep rocking Kansas (you know, in lieu of any progress in any other areas).

To see the list click here

-Travis Hare

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  1. As a Kansan, a Jayhawk, and a history teacher, I LOVE this post.