Monday, January 18, 2010

That Love Song is Gay

If you haven't heard, DC, my fair city, has recently voted for gay marriage, something that I believe has been a long time coming. I decided to honor this wonderful news by recognizing some of the songs that you might not have realized have a fantastically inclusive nature-they are love songs for same sex couples. Here is the list I could come up with. Feel free to add others that I left out in the comment box.

#1-"Come on Petunia"-The Blow

Lead singer Khaela Maricich was once a member of the The Micorphones but has been working on songs such as this fantastic same-sex friendly diddy since 1998 through her moniker, The Blow. Check out this in-depth interview from online DC magazine, The New Gay, to learn more about Khaela, her sexuality, her music, and how they intertwine.

#2-"Friend of Mine"-The National

While there are many opinions on the meaning of this song, there is no denying that it is a same-sex love song. Whether that love is based on friendship or something more, that is only for the songwriters to say. If you ask me, it's a song that likes to explore the thin line between friendship and romantic love. Either way, the lyrics will elicit chills everytime, "I got two sets of headphones, I miss you like hell. Won't you come here and stay with me."

#3-"Come to My Window"-Melissa Etheridge

When this song first came out, so did its singer. Melissa Etheridge has been on the forefront of gay equality since the 90s. This song, which mentions no pronouns, makes it hard to state for sure its same sex attitude. However, one can only imagine that Melissa was writing it for her girlfriend at the time.

#4-"Sinister"-Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian have many songs that have gay-friendly undertones. This is one of my favorites.

#5-"Lola"-The Kinks

I could not resist putting this on the list. Although it may not be a straight up same-sex love song, it surely paved the way for others to come.

Check out more from blogger Natalie Zutter of Musicology.
-Kendra Rubinfeld


  1. What about The Smiths, Antony and the Johnsons, Tegan and Sara, Grizzly Bear!? All of those bands don't just have themes that may be gay - they actually have members who are gay!

  2. No George Michael? or Wham! Those bright super short shorts are screaming gayness. I love George (His voice) :)

  3. Well, wouldn't The Smith's - Morrissey be more like A Sexual?

  4. Good point about Morrissey, however "William it was Really Nothing," would have definitely fit on this list!

  5. I was just giving you a hard time, The Smiths have my vote :)

  6. I had sadly never paid that close attention to "Lola." Awesome!

  7. I never cared for Lola as a tune and I'm lyrics-deaf more than half the time, so I never realized what the song was about. Just read over they lyrics, and now I have to kind of begrudgingly LIKE the stupid song.

  8. Loved this article. Thanks for acknowledging Meissa Etherige. She was a pioneer in the gay and lesbian movement with her music

  9. Anonymous18/1/10 20:54

    Ani should be on this list. Her bisexual power-folk ( ) proved that gay relationships can suck just as bad as straight ones!

  10. Thanks for all the comments. As for the Smiths' "William, It Was Really Nothing," I was going to put on the list, but when I looked into it, there was controversy on whether it was really about a gay relationship or Morrissey talking about the meaningless of marriage. Good points about Grizzly Bear but I'm not sure they have a song that is about a gay relationship. I wanted to make sure that the songs were not just by a gay artist, but were about a gay relationship. And Jason, sorry about Lola! :)

  11. I read in an interview with Grizzly Bear where they said the lyrics in the song "Lullabye" off Yellow House were being pretty specific when they sang, "My love is another kind." Interesting about "William It Was Really Nothing," but on the grounds that the song has to be about a gay relationship, I think it's a pretty good possibility that "Friend of Mine," is just that - a song about a friend.

    My favorite Belle and Sebastian lyric ever is
    "San Francisco's calling us, the Giants and Mets will play.
    Piazza, New York Catcher, are you straight or are you gay?"
    -Piazza New York Catcher

  12. Anonymous29/1/10 16:11

    Great article. Although one should not forget the master of bisexuality and androgyony himself, David Bowie. What about "John, I'm Only Dancing"?

  13. I just found this, what an awesome post. I live in DC too, you might like a similar list I put up last Valentine's Day.