Monday, January 11, 2010

Song of the Week (You Wait Till Tomorrow Edition)

Yours truly has been living it up bachelor style for the last couple of weeks as my better-half has been wandering the Holy Land and floating atop Dead Seas. And by living it up, I mean pacing around my apartment looking for things to keep me occupied until she returns. In the OCD world that I live in, everything needs a place and when I write, everything needs a theme. I thought to myself - are there any songs out there about a girl you love, traveling around Israel or kicking it on a kibbutz? Then I remembered an angsty song from my teenage years by the band Silverchair called, "Israel's Son." But then I realized that song was terrible and decided to choose this jewel of theirs from my adolescent past that ended up having no relation whatsoever to the Middle East, which does not comply with my OCD but does admittedly, still kind of rock, fat boy.


  1. Kendra (the girlfriend)13/1/10 07:51

    If I had chosen a song, it would have been "Washington, D.C." from the Magnetic Fields. Good to be home. :)

  2. They have been playing that song at the beginning of Real World DC. Awesome and revolting.