Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Up G?

From the WTF department. Here's Weezer jamming out to one of their new songs. Oh, look there's Kenny G, he's got his sax with him, he's not gonna play is he? Yep, he is. Okay.


  1. Weezer also has a commercial coming out with the one and only Taylor Swift. It's the one with Guitar Hero where the celeb is dancing around like Tom Cruise. I am pretty sure Kanye won't dare to say that Heidi Klum did it better.

  2. Our once slacker/angst hero Weezer has slowly become the musical manifestation of the "ironic mustache": Funny in theory, but when you actually start growing it - it's just plain old creepy.

    Thumbs DOWN.

  3. Ha! Nice analogy Tim.