Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What The Flea?

A post today from Thom Yorke on the official Radiohead website has music fans across the globe picking their jaws up off the floor. Thom Yorke is planning a tour that will feature his solo work and one of the musicians that will be accompanying him in this new, unnamed group? Flea.

That's right, the oft-naked, tatted-up, California funk-rocker will play bass to dour, apocalyptic Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Of course I'm dying to hear how this will sound, however I'm guessing that Yorke will not be sporting a cock-sock, ala Anthony Kiedis.

What do you guys think about this odd pairing?


  1. Wow!!! ha ha ha

    Polar opposites...all I have to say.

  2. So, we all love Flea AND Radiohead, but for very different reasons/ times in our life. Group sing alongs to "Under the Bridge",


    for example, got me through that ever-critical 6th-to-7th grade summer (you know, the one that actually determined whether or not you might truly end up under a bridge). Whereas, it was not until highschool that "Paranoid Android"


    made me realize that truly no song up to that point in my life or the history of rock-and-roll had ever convincingly kicked that much total serious fucking ass. (Sorry kids, but profanity is permissible in this one, special instance).

    The RadioHotChiliheads is certain to go down as one of two things: the most brilliant, creative, unconventional pairing yet seen in alternative songwriting. Or, the musical equivalent to making out with a girl and later finding out that she is your long lost sister...


  3. Ha! Nice analagy Tim. To me it's like someone inviting you to their birthday party - it's going to be an awesome birthday party with free flowing alcohol, nudity, dj's, and a slip n' slide - the catch? It's going to be held inside of a breathtakingly beautiful gothic church. Surreal yes, but something doesn't feel right.