Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Just Not That Into You

Every now and then one of those bands comes around that I know I'm supposed to like, but for whatever reason, I'm just not interested. I'm not talking big Myspace buzz bands that are cool for a second and than go away. I'm talking about bands that are well respected by people whose taste I admire, the types of bands I know that I'm supposed to be gaga for but sadly, could care less about. My hope is that lovers of these bands will step forward in the comments and articulate what it is that makes them so indelible. Really, it's not you, it's me.

The Hold Steady

After Colin Meloy of The Decemberist, Craig Finn has to have the most annoying voice in indie rock. Somehow the dude from Art Brut talking through his songs is totally acceptable, if exhausting after a while, but Finn's makes me want to hold my ears right up close to a howling smoke detector, so as to hear something more pleasant.

Vampire Weekend

Even Bob Boilen, the respected host of my favorite music program, NPR's All Things Considered, loves these guys! Why Bob? Why? Vampire weekend has done nothing but suck all the blood (and life) out of Paul Simon's solo catalog. And anyway, only Weezer gets away with the preppy sweater vest look.

The Decemberists

Okay, I'll be the first to admit, when Castaways and Cutouts first came out, I was sort of into it. Meloy's voice was unique, the songs were quirky and the music interesting. Then the Decemberists made the same album over and over and over again. Seriously, how many songs can you listen to about unfortunate wretches, lovelorn chimney sweeps, and infanticide? I get the point, you're literary, but I'm bored and now you just annoy me. I've already been taken to task in the comment section once for my dislike of this band, but nobody's yet given me a reason to reconsider.


  1. I, too, love Vampire Weekend! I bought the self-titled album about a year ago, just on a whim. It took a listen or two, but it then didn't come out of my CD player for about a month and I'm still listening to it regularly until this day. Not really sure what it is about them though - maybe it's the completely impersonal lyrics. It's fun.

  2. Hmm... Maybe it's fun I hate?

  3. Grizzliest Bear30/9/09 08:52

    I agree with the Vampire Weekend and the Hold Steady. Don't get them. But again with the Decemberists? There has got to be another band to pick on or this is going to turn into Give us another band.

  4. I promise to give you plenty more. But first, please, explain to me why I need to give them another chance.

  5. Also, is that URL taken yet. I like it!

  6. So true. I have tried so hard to like the Decemberists, but I have just recently come to the realization that I'm just not that into them.

    ps. Love the blog.


  7. I have tried Katherine, I have tried.

    And Thanks!

  8. I would like to say that I just discovered Colin's band, Tarkio, that he did before The Decemberists (aka The Decemberist) and it seems to be pretty good. The songs are a bit more folky and seem to be less about pirates and annoying things such as this. Thoughts?