Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Wish the Real World Would Just Stop Hassling Me

Yep, I watched the season premiere of the Real World DC on Wednesday night - guilty as charged. Furthermore I'm writing about it on my music blog with the excuse that it appears on MTV, a music network after all (yeah right). Ordinarily, it wouldn't even appear on my radar screen, but it was a little hard not to be curious when the whole thing was filmed just a couple blocks from my own apartment. Overall it was exactly as you would have expected - there's the sexually confused kid who tells everyone on the first day that he is bi-sexual and then goes around the rest of the episode saying he doesn't want to be known for just being bi-sexual, the rocker-boy and rocker-girl who are destined to cheat on their significant others with each other, the jock, the awkward virgin who is hoping to be corrupted and the Christian girl from Texas who will no doubt be corrupted the most. The Real World formula is so ingrained at this point that the first two cast members in the house were wondering when the muscular black guy was going to show up and discussing who this season's resident gay would be (questions that were quickly answered).

The city factored little into the actual episode - there were several quick transition shots of monuments, DuPont Circle and the cool arty house with antlers on it across the street from my apartment, but most of the focus was on the cast members inside the house (which is, admittedly, a really cool house). The relationships between the cast members are pretty boring and excessively dramatic. Within the first 15 minutes they are crawling around in each other's laps purring and petting and an hour later they are screaming about whether or not God exists over sub-par Italian food at Buca Di Beppo. All in all, it's pretty terrible. The quote of the night belongs to my girlfriend who said, "This is so awful but we'll watch them all." Oh yes, we will.

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