Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Big Cache of Musical Finds

Today is your lucky day, ladies a gents. We have a smorgasbord of musical finds for you.

First, an intimate behind the scenes look of Justin Vernon and Sean Carey making beautiful music. Two pianos, two musical geniuses, 24 minutes, go watch.

Second, the National played a shot at the Glenn Gould Studio last Thursday in Toronto and the fans were in for a treat in the form of two brand new, unreleased songs: "Rylan" and "I Need My Girl".

Third, a really cool calendar a fan made for the National, which each month occupying a different song.

Fourth, the Boss is at it again!!!

He will start touring March 18th in Atlanta, Georgia, and tickets are on sale. He is promoting an all new album called Wrecking Ball.

And a single...

The single isn't incredible but I still hold out high hopes for the album.

Fifth and last (because it deserves to be) is Skrillex. I am not a fan of dubstep in any way, shape, or form. But my high-school friends firmly believe it is the future of music. So, to mock their beliefs, I'll post a song and let you guys be the judge.

Note: If the song is played at under 150 decibels, odds are, you will realize it is abysmal.

Finally, a hilarious video of Kramer listening to Skrillex. 100% believable.

Happy President's Day Weekend,


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