Friday, July 1, 2011

May Update

May Update and Happy Fourth of July!

I apologize for my lateness in putting up the May Update. A lot of important news has happened in the world of good music. First and foremost, the brilliant Justin Vernon has released the long awaited follow up to For Emma, Forever Ago. The album is self-titled “Bon Iver” and has emerged to primarily favorable reviews. I feel it is too premature to give it a review as I haven’t given it a proper listen yet. Look for a review later in the summer.

In other news, Coldplay has released some new music in the form of an EP. The EP carries a slightly corny name (Every Teardrop is a Waterfall), but suffices for the craving audience of the British Pop band. The link to the cover song, Every Teardrop, can be found below.

The EP certainly contains the Brian Eno flavor found on Viva la Vida/Prospekt March and yet it sounds new enough to provide optimism for Coldplay’s future.

The other two songs are Moving to Mars and Major Minus. Each has a distinctly different sound. Moving to Mars is a quieter, less convoluted song which I like a good deal. Major Minus also comes off as sounding “new” for Coldplay, but falls short of being any type of a gem. The links are below:

Moving to Mars

Major Minus

If you are not a fan of current music whatsoever (you shouldn’t be reading this blog for starters), then Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” provides a welcome respite from the dullness of life. Through its light and witty plot and incredibly authentic and catchy French soundtrack, Midnight in Paris returns Allen to the forefront of cinema once again. The trailer can be found below:

The numerous Cole Porter references in the film will also bring you back to better days.

Happy Fourth of July, folks!

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