Friday, February 18, 2011

Update 9 October

Today is the anniversary of John Lennon's untimely death. But for an act of hatred in New York City, Mr. Lennon would have turned 70 this year. Arguably the greatest member of the greatest band of all-time (I'm partial to Lennon despite Sir Paul's many achievements), Lennon's brilliance extended even outside the Beatles realm. Co-writing Fame, David Bowie's first US number one, and writing the beautiful ode to peace, Imagine, Lennon will never be forgotten. Within the Beatles, he wrote such classics as Help, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, along with countless others. Rest in peace, John.

Also in the world of music, Ben Folds and Guster have come out with new albums within the past month. While I have not had the chance to give either a thorough listen yet, both artists are great, and should one have time I would strongly advice a trip to the record store. Keep rocking out, folks!


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