Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old School

Today we are going to be doing a little recommending. Specifically, we recommend that you skip listening to Pandora and instead tune into KJHK 90.7, the college radio station of my alma mater, the University of Kansas. Yours truly has travelled far and wide and rarely have I ever found such a jewel of a radio station. Even the student produced commercials are usually more entertaining than the music that you find on other stations. The playlist generally weighs heavily on the indie-rock variety, but don't be surprised to find yourself listening to a burgeoning underground rap artist, an amazing dead blues musician you've never heard of but now can't live without, or your new favorite dance song (especially during the daily 9am-noon Breakfast for Beat Lovers show). Don't have a radio that picks up signals from a shed on a hill in the town of Lawrence, Kansas? No problem. KJHK was one of the very first radio stations to broadcast on the web and you can stop wishing and start listening by clicking here. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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