Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Rockers!

It's Father's Day on Sunday. Kendra Rubinfeld writes a blog in honor of the day and her dad.

In honor of Father's Day this Sunday (that's right, get those cards out now or at least send a someecard), I thought it would be fun to give my top ten list of best dad-rock bands of all time. My dad was instrumental (no dad-like-pun intended) in my love for music. Throughout my childhood he blasted records, then tapes, then CDs in his newly upgraded stereo system my mom didn't understand how to use. Now I find myself inspiring his song taste just as he did for me when I was younger, as we exchange mixes and go to concerts together. Without further's my list in all its dad-glory. Isn't this fun, kids!?

10.) Wilco

Perhaps the band that familiarized me with the term "dad-rock", I couldn't resist putting them on this list.

9.) Devo

You are Devo, I am Devo, Dad is Devo, We (all) are Devo. Gotta give the boys credit...they were on Regis and Kelly (Gosh, Kelly looks like shit!) Live this am and they are still looking ridiculous.

8.) James Taylor

Some of you may argue this is more like mom-rock, but Mr. Taylor touched my heart early in life after my dad gave me Fire and Rain . I also couldn't resist giving a shoutout to old JT after his half-awesome-half-depressing recent tour with Carol King that was played on PBS the other day. And, not to mention, how cool is it that our dads rocked out to a man who injected heroin into his toes for years? (My dad shared that little tidbit with me when I was 13...I'm not sure I have ever looked at toes the same way since).

7.) Phil Collins

It's hard to know if dads gravitate more to Phil Collins or his original claim to fame, Genesis. Either way, he really ssssstruck a cord for many paternal relations in the 80s.

7.) Enya

Oh, sweet, sweet Celtic Enya. I don't know why we don't all listen to her more. Her music is a bit demonic, a bit sexy, and all-in-all amazing. P.S. Check out this video-it actually tells you what the heck she is saying!

6.) Jackson Browne

Even if, and perhaps particularly so, your dad is a lawyer, he can appreciate the sarcasm of this song.

5.) Peter Gabriel

I don't know about you all, but this song reminds me of my father for many reasons. One, I first saw it after my dad taped some popular music videos off a WETA special in an effort to make his daughter a bit "cooler". (It didn't work.) Two, the closeup of Gabriel's eye (my dad is an eye doctor). Three, the wiggling of the ears (my dad is the first and still one of the only people I know who can do that). And lastly, my dad kinda looks like Gabriel. Actually, now that I think about it, he sort of looks like a combination between Gabriel and Phil Collins. See for yourself.

4.) Sting

Whether its his solo work or The Police, what father does not love Sting? This song in particular was important for my dad as he happened to marry a woman named Rrrrroxxxxannne and I am sure was teased endlessly about whether she has to or does not have to "put on the red light."

3.) Sade

I know none of us want to actually picture when our dads might put Sade's songs on...but I am sure they did and perhaps thanks to that new little pink pill, they still do! Ewwwwwww.

2.) Eric Clapton

Dads, moms and children alike shed a tear when they really listen to this song. There may be no better song about a father's love and feelings of inadequacy than this, which Clapton wrote after losing his young son to a tragic fall out of their apartment window.

1.) Aerosmith

Because of this video, and this video alone, I think we can all agree (synical children and dads alike) Aerosmith is at least a little cool.


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  1. Roy Rubinfeld, MD18/6/10 14:46

    Love it love it love it.
    A little afraid of public sappiness although I'm often guilty of this and can tell when it happens as Kendra will say, "Is that some corn stuck in your teeth, Dad?"
    Thank you and Happy Father's Day to all dads. -Roy