Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday...

We music lovers are so easy to buy gifts for aren't we? A CD we've been wanting or a gift card to buy it ourselves is more than enough to make us feel loved. Today our high school embedded reporter Scott Goldstein shares his latest musical birthday ecstasy.

Earlier this month, I celebrated my 16th birthday. And what a great month it was for my musical interests. Firstly, I found out that The National, my all-time favorite band was putting up a preview of their latest album on the New York Times’ website! Then I received an iTunes gift card with which I’ll purchase High Violet - which goes along pretty well with my new speakers, from which I’ll blast High Violet. And then I received two pretty awesome gifts relating to another one my favorite musicians.

The first was a Barry White record. Now THAT is how his music is meant to be played! The record player picks up all the frequencies of Sir Barry’s amazingly deep baritone, and it goes a long way towards bringing him back to life. Almost sounds like he’s there, in his 350 pounds of hunk, standing right before you singing! So amazingly deep that you just can’t help but try a pelvic thrust as a way of giving him a posthumous toast.

The second was a hilarious, yet pretty accurate, drawing of the Sultan of Love (or the Walrus of Love depending on who you ask). The swinger shades, enormous lips, and only-Barry-could-pull-it-off hair, the depiction is pretty damn good! And on the very bottom of the page are a few of his more…famous lyrics! Such awesome friends I have.


  1. I'm glad to see you are still enjoying my drawing! So much so, infact, that you made a public blog post about it... gee I sure feel loved! haha

  2. Woot! If only you put the picture up... Hope it's hanging somewhere safe. BTW, this is quite the thank you note

  3. Scott did send me the picture to post, however my technical skills (and the limitations of Blogger) did allow me to put it up - my apologies! It was a pretty damn cool drawing if I say so myself.

  4. I mean did not allow me to put it up... sadly I can't blame that typo on Blogger.