Monday, May 24, 2010

Song of the Week (Get Lost Edition)

Whether you're pissed about the overtly Christian, C.S. Lewis, Narnia rip-off finale of Lost, or you're just going to miss your Tuesday night drinking game that involves taking a shot every time Sawyer says, "Son of bitch," or when Ben gets punched in the face, you have some mourning or festering to do this week. What better way to wallow in it than a depressing song with a nice beat? Dig this new remake of the (Smoke) Monsters of Folk song, "Dear God" by The Roots in which Black Thought lays down some Marvin Gaye(ish) "What's Going On (ish)" lyrics over a fat Questlove beat. Listen together or die alone, er... something like that. Now, walk toward the lame CGI ambivalently cliched light.

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