Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bare Naked Ladies

It's been an arousing few days of news in the music world. Erykah Badu has been officially charged with disorderly conduct for stripping nude and lying down on the ground in the place where John F. Kennedy was assassinated for the filming of her video for her new song "Window Seat." Though Badu has claimed that it's all been a misunderstanding, the $500 she has to pay is a pretty low price for this kind of attention grabbing press.

In other news (or lack there of) Lady Gaga and Beyonce make soft-core porn for all those with fetishes having to do with androgynous-female-lesbian-prison-sex (which is all of us really).

And finally, in continuation of our prison theme, Lil Wayne is apparently allowed Internet access from the inside while serving out his time for gun charges. This week saw the launch of his jailhouse website Weezy Thanx You, complete with a countdown to his release.

Stay classy people.

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