Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vote: It May Be Your Last Chance!

By now you all know that we will soon be living in a Communist/Socialist/Fascist country given the fact that Dear Leader Overlord Obama has stripped away all of our freedoms by forcing us to have the option of treating that nasty case of Herpes picked up at the last Tea Bagger meeting. That said, there is still time to cast one final vote before all true-blooded Patriots are shipped off to the FEMA trailers in New Orleans for re-education camp.*

Might as well spend that vote wisely by telling us what sort of content you would like to see more of at An Ocean Of Noise. You will notice that on the top right of the screen you have the option of letting us know how you think we should be spending our time - creating ridiculous top 10 lists, posting more news and links, writing more reviews of shows and albums or getting wasted and telling you and your horrible music tastes to screw off! If none of these options fit your obsessive compulsive needs then by all means let us know in the comments below or send us an email to anoceanofnoise@gmail.com

Thank you, Comrades.

*Sarcasm, lots of it.

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