Monday, January 25, 2010

Remember in Almost Famous when Lester Bangs asks William, the high school boy genius to give him 500 words on Black Sabbath and how that eventually leads to William being picked up by Rolling Stone to do a cover story? Well, we have our own William now, except for his name's not William, it's Scott and Rolling Stone better stay the hell away.

Hey, my name is Scott and I’m in high school, AKA the worst years of a kid’s life. But along with friends, and sports, music makes it a whole helluva lot better. I’ll be popping in time to time writing about certain music-related matters, like why we love music, the next big band, fantasies and rants, what I, and you all should be listening to, and much more. Hope you enjoy it and keep rocking out!

I figured my first post ought to be why I love music. And after thinking about it long, and hard, I came up with this:

Music is great because of its individualism. When you love a certain song, it becomes something personal to you. The song seems that it was made for you, and you alone. And despite the fact that you’re feeling down, it will be with you at all times, reminding you that you are not alone and that someone has gone through this before. But this holds true for all types of music, not just the downer variety. Perhaps, upon hearing a song, you are transported back to the time when that song happened to be playing for your first kiss… or if we’re on the topic of romance, perhaps a Barry White classic spurs your memory to something else. The great thing about music is that it is the closest we have gotten to the human soul, it is the closest art has come to capturing sadness, or ecstasy, or mere anxiety. One song can become something millions of people, each having a special relationship to it, can rely on. And then it becomes a friend. This is why I love music.

-Scott Goldstein


  1. Great job, Scott!

  2. Anonymous26/1/10 12:59

    Welcome Doogie! Look forward to more from you...