Monday, November 23, 2009

Unrequited Love Songs

There's a sign in the window of a gallery in DuPont Circle here in Washington, DC that reads, 'Without Music, Life Wouldn't Be Fair.' For some of us, sometimes, it's all we have. Today contributing writer Kendra Rubinfeld gives her list of songs to ward off the woe.

The other day I had a lovely lunch with my single girlfriend who is horribly in love with a boy who doesn’t feel the same way, or at least will not admit his feelings enough to leave his current girlfriend. This got me thinking about my times experiencing the same thing before I met the wonderful Blogmaster, and how music really got me through the rough spots. So, for all you single ladies (or gents), this list is for you.

#5) I Can’t Make You Love Me-Bonnie Rait

This is the classic and obvious contender. It has been covered by all the usual suspects (such as George Michael and Carrie Underwood) but Bonnie does it best.

#4.) For Emma-Bon Iver

Bon Iver actually wrote this song after a fantastic break-up...with his band. He wrote the entire album in an abandoned cabin in Wisconsin which he locked himself in for an entire winter. FYI: Bon Iver is a botched spelling of the French words meaning ‘good winter’.

#3.) Linger-Cranberries

This one was what got me through my crushes in high school. Those feelings still ‘linger’ a little.

#2.) Don’t Cha-Pussy Cat Dolls

Coming in at number two, this song is high on the list because it represents the song you want to rock out to when you are starting to heal from the rejection and are out on the town looking for a rebound. I mean…I would imagine.

#1.) Maps-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I actually think that in order to produce this song the band had to literally bottle the feelings of unrequited love and let them out into the air while in the studio. I literally ran the CD thin my junior year in college, screaming this song at the top of my lungs alone in the car outside my crush’s dormroom. I had never seen the video until just now and I am frankly very weirded out because it's almost an exact reinactment of what I did in my car (the shirtless, blind-folded, spoon drummer and all).

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