Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rock of the Ages

In case you've ever wondered why I have a certain passion for music, today's guest writer is none other than my mom! As a teacher in Wichita, Kansas, she has found that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the 1970’s, yes, the 70’s…I rocked out to AC/DC, Metallica and The Rolling Stones. KISS was another favorite, and especially Gene Simmons and his fascinating long tongue. Now that was awesome! Back then, I never imagined being 40 something, nor did I imagine I would be having conversations about any of these bands with middle school students…kids who are now the same age I was when I first started listening to these bands.

For the last 2 years I have been seeing a lot of my students wearing AC/DC, Metallica, and most recently KISS T-shirts. I even had a student question me about Gene Simmons tongue. “Is it really real Mrs. McGuire?” So, what is the power of these bands? Why are teenagers listening to MY music? Since I know very little about XBOX 360, it took attending a party at an “older” teacher’s home to realize that AC/DC was now available for ROCK BAND and Guitar Hero. The rolling stones were in my city a couple of years ago, and there was so much talk among the teachers at my school about their upcoming appearance, that by the time they came to town, many of my students also had tickets to attend with their parents.

My music has lived on for another 2 generations and I am thankful that kids today still get to enjoy some of the best rock music of the 70’s. In a world where Hip Hop and Rap often dominate, it is so exciting to have a discussion with these same kids about rock bands I still love, and have loved since way back when. It's great to have them bring me their IPOD and say, “Hey, listen to this, you probably know this song," (which they say as if I'm older than dirt). Being able to share some music has even opened the lines of communication with many of my students.

I can’t say I was excited to discuss the length of Gene Simmons tongue with a 14 year old, and I am a little concerned about looking across the isle of the arena and seeing some of my students when one of these great bands come to town. However, I am excited that my music is living on in the year 2009.

-Debbie McGuire

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