Monday, October 5, 2009

To The Dogs

Because my favorite dog in the world is in the hospital right now and not doing so well at the moment, I thought I'd do a piece on my top 5 songs with the word 'dog' in the title. After reading, send all your positive dog-healing thoughts this way. This one's for you Jack. Raise the Roof!

#5 "Dog Door" - Sparklehorse (featuring Tom Waits)
Listening to Tom Waits howl like a methed-out shirtless lunatic in a trailer park screaming at God after his woman has run away, because there just ain't nobody else to yell at, is... awesome.

#4 "Jenny & The Ess-Dog" - Stephen Malkmus
One of his most Pavementy songs since leaving Pavement. Just what you expect from Malkmus - making really great music sound completely effortless.

#3 "Sleeping Dogs" - Madeline
The most haunting singer that no one has ever heard of. Best for long cold nights, a few glasses of whiskey and your broken-heart.

#2 "Dog On Wheels" - Belle & Sebastian
This dog is not only loyal, this dog is completely obsessed with you. Every song he's ever written was written for you - and he plays one mean trumpet to boot.

#1 "I Wanna Be Your Dog" - The Stooges
That cute dog over in the corner that looks like he wants you to pet him? He doesn't. That dog is Iggy Pop and he's going to mess you up.

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