Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always Take Medical Advice From Rock Stars

This one comes from the freaked-out pumpkin department, just in time for Halloween. Billy Corgan, the now certifiably bat-shit crazy, leader of The Smashing Pumpkins, is encouraging you to think long and hard about the propaganda machine known as H1N1. In an 800 word blog post, Corgan expresses his deep suspicions about the motives of, "American President Obama," (thanks for clearing up which one you're talking about Billy) declaring a national state of emergency to get out the Swine Flu vaccine.

He goes on to say that it is highly likely that the flu was man-made and therefore we shouldn't even be calling it Swine Flu (Man Flu does have a certain ring to it). He also says that if the flu is going to take him "home" then that's just cool and fine with him, and up to God anyway (who he says might not be real - he also says you and me and him, might not be real). In the end, Corgan says that the reason he is most distrustful of the flu and the vaccine is because it has an air of fear around it and "Anything that is connected by fear is definitely not connected to the promotion of love." Definitely. You can see the whole post here.


  1. I think somebody smashed his pumpkin. Sounds like Billy is feeling a bit meloncholy with a bit of infinite sadness.

  2. Haha You're such a Gish.