Monday, October 12, 2009

State of Mind

America does a lot of stupid things - we over eat, we start wars with third world countries we can't win, we elect illiterate Texans to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal - but we get things right once in a while too. Ever tried taking a shower in a European country? By the time enough water comes out of the pipe to call yourself damp, it starts freezing. So we've got showers on our side, but we also have music, sweet, sweet music. And sure, other countries have some great tunes as well, but America is the freaking capitol of the world. Even the Beatles admitted their main goal was to make American-style rock and roll. In honor of the one thing we actually do consistently well, each month we will break down the top 10 music from one of the states in our great union. And since I live within marching distance of the White House, we're starting with Washington, D.C., not actually a state of course, but home to some monumental music.

10. Thievery Corporation
Veteran DJing Duo who have started opening up trendy night spots in the District.

9. Q And Not U
Dancey post-punk that never made them nearly as famous as the hipsters who ripped it off.

8. Le Loup
Oft compared to Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, these guys are more experimental than the weapons created at the Pentagon.

7. Minor Threat
Hardcore started in DC, these are its inventors.

6. The Bad Brains
A little bit of funk in the Hardcore Punk. Legendary.

5. Wale
If Wale had been one of our forefathers, he'd have been Thomas DEF-ferson.

4. Dismemberment Plan
Frontman Travis Morrison can out talk a politician and out dance, well, a politician.

3. Fugazi
9:30 Club. Fugazi. Hardcore. Nothing is more DC than this.

2. Duke Ellington
Jazz great. Half of U Street is named after this guy.

1. Marvin Gaye
He'd be number one no matter what city/state he was born in. One of the all time greatest.

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  1. I was all ready to be angry that Fugazi was only at #3, but then I saw #2 and #1 and I was all, "Oh."