Monday, October 19, 2009

Song of the Week

Christopher Owens and J.R. White are the duo that make up the new California band, Girls. While their music is compelling on its own, the story of lead-singer, Owens, adds more than a little intrigue to the project. Owens grew up with his mother in a religious cult called, Children of God, a group known for sexual perversity with children. Owens moved around with his family between the cults different bases - from Florida, to Asia, to Europe - before running away at 16.

Soon enough, Owens found himself in Texas, befriended by the eccentric millionaire-artist, Stanley Marsh 3. Marsh took care of Owens and became a father figure to him. Later, Owens moved to San Francisco where he would eventually meet up with J.R. White and write the songs that would be the base of the band featured here today, Girls. According to Owens, the only music he was allowed to listen to while growing up in the cult was 50's and 60's pop music and that influence can definitely be heard in their own songs along with a touch of Elvis Costello and, well, drugs.

Song of the Week - Girls - "Hellhole Ratrace"

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