Tuesday, October 20, 2009

(Rock and) Roll Camera

Last month we reviewed the rock classic of Classic Rock, Almost Famous. This month we are looking at the recently released to DVD documentary, Anvil: Story of Anvil. The story of, The Story of Anvil, a Canadian metal band who almost, but never quite, made it big, is a real-life epic, This is Spinal Tap. The movie centers around lead singer Lips Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner (oddly, the same name as the director of Spinal Tap), who after 25 years of trying to obtain their dream, still haven't given up. While Robb has seemingly made a successful life for himself as an artist and working for the man, Lips is, after all these years, struggling to get by, working as a delivery driver for meals to the elderly. What's so heart-breaking about their story is how close they actually got to stardom and how their sound was ripped off a million times over by other bands who went on to make platinum records.

The movie documents both the history of the band and their one last-ditch effort to make it big again in the face of old age, financial struggles and relevancy. We are taken along for the ride and see the intimate moments between Lips and Reiner who both take care of each other and fight like brothers. It is a movie where absurdity meets sincerity. The tears of laughter and pain the audience sees and shares are split equally. The movie falls into many categories - farce, musical, drama, bromance - but ultimately, the best way to sum it up is - this is life.

Cynics beware. This movie may actually breath life back into your cold heart. And for anybody who has a dream they refuse to give up on - this is pure fuel for the fire. Highly recommended.

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