Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Flaming Lips Album!

Over the past several years the Flaming Lips have written songs and put on performances that have looked and sounded like the happiest acid-trip on the face of the planet. They have taken over the radio and commercials with feel-good psychedelic hits like "She Don't Use Jelly," and most recently, "Do You Realize," a song that Oklahoma (the Lips home state) is adopting as the official rock song of the state. Just when it seemed like Wayne Coyne and company were going to float away in a bubble of drugged-out, middle-aged bliss, along comes their new album Embryonic.

Something at the Flaming freak-show has gone horribly wrong, and it sounds oh so good! The strange trip they have been on has become much stranger, much darker, and much better. On Embryonic, the The Flaming Lips have taken the brown acid and the result is a tripped-out journey through 'dying leaves,' 'worm mountains,' and a whole lot of 'evil.' They have traded in much of their synthy happy-go lucky, candy keyboards and guitars and turned up the distortion and distopia. The result is a double-album full of unwavering raw, sinister psychedelia through the other side of the looking-glass. In other words this is the freshest and most exciting thing The Flaming Lips have produced in a very long time.

Hear a sample of their new song, "See the Leaves," off Embryonic, below.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm going to go get this after work (from my local neighborhood record store, of course).