Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In a continuing effort to milk this actors-turned-musicians theme as much as possible, here's 3 more thesbians whose attempts at making tunes are actually pretty good.

Zooey Daschanel - She & Him

Here, the adorable, and recently married, (see next post) Daschanel hooks up with neo-folkster M. Ward with an album full of smart, chariming and critically adored country-tinged, folk-pop. I'm not the world's biggest M. Ward fan, but still I cringed when I heard he was teaming up with an actress. Now I have to say I like He & She far more then M. Ward's solo material. Her heart-felt lyrics and brassy vocals have added a far greater dimension to his folk repotoire - easy on the ears and the eyes.

Jack Black - Tenacious D

Not suprisingly, the actor who played a struggling musician in both High Fidelity and School of Rock, is, actually, a musician. While not exactly my cup of tea, there's no arguing that Black is a gifted guitar player. While most actors who try to be rockstars are just funny, Jack Black and Tenacious D are actually funny on purpose.

Jason Schwartzman - Phantom Planet

Long before he starred as Max Fischer in Rushmore or as the existentially confused, Albert Markovski, in I Heart Huckabees, Schwartzman was the drummer for the band Phantom Planet, which he formed when he was only 14 years-old. Though he has since left the band to pursue his acting career, he was around long enough to record the monster hit and O.C. theme song, "California." Note: Paul Schaffer is not in the band.


  1. Anonymous22/9/09 11:16

    That She and Him song has some Dead Man's Bones style to it...love it!

  2. What about Juliet Lewis? Is she any good? Also, my good friend Ariella was friends with Schwartzman in high school...connect the Jews. Love this post.